Residential Solar

Solar power owners are taking charge of their own lives and leading the way into the future.

Middle-class residential homes have been and still are driving solar success. Young, old, single, families, and everyone in between are taking interest in solar power systems to save money and invest. Solar power owners are taking charge of their own lives and leading the way into the future.

Solar installations are common in the east and west coasts. Now solar panels are catching on in the Midwest. You, too, can help lead the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana region into a renewable energy future.

Will Solar Work For My House?

Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana receive high levels of peak sunlight during the year, with high levels of available solar energy. Germany has fewer hours of sunlight, but is currently the global leader in solar system implementations which just goes to show that the duration of daylight in your neighborhood is well suited to the success of solar.

Most homes can easily be powered by solar energy. Some key factors include the home’s location, the directions the roof faces, and the extent to which trees and other buildings block sunlight from the roof. Even if your home’s orientation is not ideal for solar energy, we will find the best location for optimum production so, if you’re uncertain, contact us to schedule a visit.

Steps to Solar

1. Evaluate Your Site & Energy Usage

An Icon Solar representative will inspect your home and determine the best position of the solar panels, and will also look at your recent energy bills to determine the average usage. Once we know your energy needs, we can help create the best solution for your home.

2.  Financing

We are experts with flexible financing options for any budget, and can also assist with government incentives. Plus, we can help you calculate your long-term energy savings.

3. Installation

Our team has the expertise and experience to design and install a state-of-the-art, fully customized, turnkey system, usually in less than one day. When planning residential solar energy solutions, we maintain our focus on the customer’s home, budget, timeline, and lifestyle to ensure the best results in a timely manner.

4. Maintenance

Your solar energy system is designed to last 30 years or more, with little maintenance. In most cases, normal rainfall will keep your panels clean and working at peak efficiency.  Extremely heavy snowfall and falling leaves can occasionally reduce your system’s output, but this can usually be remedied by using a soft brush or a garden hose to remove anything that is blocking your panels from sunlight. After installing your system, we will remain available to answer questions and help with any maintenance needs, giving you peace of mind and helping you get the most out of the lifetime of your solar energy system.

Benefits & Cost

The economics of solar are really pretty simple: over the long term, a solar power generation system can provide an attractive return on your investment. Our team at Icon Solar will work with you to combine flexible financing options with government incentives to find maximum savings as you invest in energy independence.

Of course, every home and installation presents its own unique solar power generation characteristics. We can only determine a price and projected savings for your home after consulting with you about your solar objectives and completing a site evaluation of your home.

However, we created the chart below to give you an idea of what the cost of solar and the investment in your future looks like. It captures projected costs and savings associated with three different sizes of solar power generation systems proposed for a typical home.

The cost for each system assumes:

  • Full turnkey installation
  • All permits
  • Interconnection fees
  • All equipment and mounting hardware
  • Flashed penetrations
  • Lifetime system monitoring via the internet
  • All related wiring hardware and labor required for the installation

These are all the things we’ll walk you through during your solar installation process.

For these scenarios, we assume that a typical home has average monthly electrical usage of 1,500 kilowatt hours (kwh); and that the homeowner pays $0.12 per kwh to the utility company; and the home solar system is mounted on the homeowner’s south facing roof. Based upon these assumptions, here are three hypothetical systems.

Percentage of Electricity Offset by Solar99%49%33%
Turn-Key System Price$54,041.19$32,192.63$24,528.43
30% Federal Tax Credit$16,212.36$9,657.79$7,358.53
Net Installed Price$37,828.83$15,237.03$10,931.12
Estimated 1st Year Savings*$2,151.60$1,075.80$717.20
Increase in Home Value**$43,032.00$21,516.00$14,344.00
25 Year Benefit of Solar^$49,130.10$18,553.68$8,812.07
Average Monthly Savings from Solar$179.30$89.65$59.77
Monthly Finance Payment$209.58$124.81$95.07
Projected Average Monthly Installment Payment Net of Savings^^$30.28$35.16$35.31

*Assumes an average electric rate of $0.12 per Kwh

**Assumes a $20 increase in home value for every $1 of annual electric savings, using the projected first year electric savings. The amount of increase in home value is based upon a study of the effect of home energy efficiency on the value of a home published in the October, 1999 issue of The Appraisal Journal. This assumption is consistent with a study released in July, 2011 by the National Bureau of Economic Research finding a 3.5% increase in home value for homes with solar power generation systems and a study released in April, 2011 by the U. S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory finding an increase in home values attributable to solar power generation systems of between $3.90 and $6.40 per watt of the DC rated capacity of the system.

^ Assumes an average electric rate of $0.12 per Kwh with an average annual increase of 2.56%. The electric savings are added to the projected increase in home value to arrive at the projected 25 year benefit of solar.

^^Payment amount assumes 25 year, 3.99% APR financing for 70% of the system price less the average monthly savings. Financing options are subject to credit approval. Call for qualification details.

Ready to Talk about solar power?

Now that you know about the benefits and possibilities of solar solutions, schedule a consultation with our expert team. We welcome the opportunity to help you discover solar energy as a pure, affordable alternative to unclean energy and rising electric prices.

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