Solar Has the Power to Change the World

If you’re thinking about purchasing solar panels for your home or business, you probably already have a pretty good idea of the main benefits, like energy cost savings and the positive environmental impact. But do you know exactly how solar power works?

Solar Energy Explained

Solar panels contain silicon, and when the sunlight hits the silicon the electrons in the silicon become loose and able to move.  The flow of these electrons creates an electric current. This initial electric current is DC Power (which stands for Direct Current). In order for your home or business to use the electricity, it must be converted into AC Power, or Alternating Current.

So, how does the electricity get converted from one type to another? Each panel is connected to an inverter. The inverter absorbs the DC Power produced by each panel, transforms it into AC power, and sends that clean energy back into your home.

All of the panels are connected together, forming a chain of power that travels through your inverters to a circuit breaker in your main electric panel or, if there is no room in your existing panel, we can install a dedicated sub-panel. The power produced by the solar systems is made available for use by your home through your existing electric panel in much the same way power is made available to your home by the utility company.