When you’re looking into getting quotes from solar companies, they’re all going to operate just a little differently. Icon Solar? We’re very different.

How Icon Solar Operates

While some companies will do everything to draw you in, include mislead you, we will be straightforward with you. We tell you honestly what solar can do for you, how much it costs, and how you can pay for a system that will save you money. To figure out what companies are more about selling and less about educating, look for key phrases like “$0 out of pocket.”

When you request a quote from Icon Solar directly via Google, Facebook, the website, over the phone, or from a third party (such as Home Advisor or Solar Reviews), we give you a call to find out your needs and if you’re the right fit for solar. If you are, we’ll set you up with an on-site consultation if you’re within our range. If not, we’ll set you up with a phone consultation.

Treating You with Honesty and Integrity

Our company mission is to treat our customers with honesty and integrity. If solar isn’t right for you, we won’t sell it to you. If we contractually promise something, we uphold those promises.

Some solar companies come out to your house, give you a quote, and expect you to sign a contract immediately. However, we don’t pressure you. We’re in your house; we play by your rules. It’s a big decision for people, and we know it’s not to be taken lightly. The time we give you after the appointment also allows you to properly vet us, by checking out our reviews and testimonials. You can even ask to talk to some of our customers.

Actual Solar Experts

About Icon Solar Power, LLCThat’s right. We’re a company built to be experts solely on solar. Our owners are experts in financing and accounting, so you know the math is right. Our company’s many solar certifications allow our teams to work with and surpass industry expectations. We’re not simply a roofing or electric company who thought of maybe trying out this solar game. We’re serious about it. Our employees go through rigorous in-depth training so that they can be prepared for any of your questions or concerns. If our senior solar consultants are going to tell you anything, it’s the facts and the truth.

We often get questions about the newest technologies in solar, which we cover in our blog. Our response is always the same. The technology for residential solar isn’t going to change much, and if it does, the cost is too great for you to reap the financial rewards our systems offer. We aren’t going to entertain technologies that haven’t been tested by time or seem to be simply industry fads. We’re going to choose what’s the most financially rewarding for you.

So when you call or submit a request online, you know what you’re getting from Icon Solar is the best in the business in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.