We made it in the news again over the Muncie Star Press! This time, it’s due to our success with Solarize ECI. Here’s the excerpt which mentions us:

Solarize Indiana sent out requests for proposals to solar companies in the Midwest, looking at reliability, product quality, tenure in business and lowest group pricing. From those companies, Solarize ECI chose to work with Icon Solar, Cincinnati.

More than 40 homeowners in East Central Indiana have installed solar panels through Solarize ECI, receiving group pricing 20 percent below what they would have to pay if they didn’t go through Solarize ECI.

Enough about us. What about other selling points of solar?

It’s important for potential solar customers to know three things, John Vann said. Carolyn listed them: net metering it still available; a federal solar tax credit allows you to deduct 30 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes (the deduction drops to 26 percent for systems placed in service after the end of 2019 and to 22 percent for systems placed in service after the end of 2020); and you can get a group discount of 20 percent by purchasing a solar system through Solarize ECI.

“Then there are four things,” John Vann added. “The fourth is: businesses, including farms, can depreciate the solar system. So they get the federal tax credit and can depreciate it in as little as one year.” 

There are really more than three or four benefits to going solar. For example, solar installations don’t increase the assessed value of a home for property taxation purposes but typically add 15 percent to the sales price of a home, according to the Vanns.

And you can see one of our Muncie area installs at the end (and below).