Any company can say whatever they want about themselves. The real testament to quality work is the result. For us, our job isn’t over until we’ve exceeded our customers’ expectations. You may feel uncertain about considering a company you’ve never worked with before; that’s why consumer testimonials are so helpful! Here are some of our customers’ reactions to their new Icon-installed solar systems:  

“We pay less than $200 a year for all of the energy in the house. It’s virtually eliminated our utility bills. If you can work with Icon Solar, you’d be doing very well. Icon Solar is an excellent choice. Their workmanship and service are good, their response to customers is excellent and they’re very willing to help you out in any way they can.” 

“They even came out and worked on a Sunday to complete installation so we could claim our valuable tax credit for 2015.” 

“A fast, clean installation! Team was professional and completed the work on the schedule provided.” 

“Everything from scheduling, designing, installation and post-install support has been fantastic. They have done an excellent job.” 

“I had my solar panels installed in April. Usually my bill in May and June is around $45 and since I had the solar panels installed my bills for those months was $7. Between the tax credit and the grant, I only had to pay half the price for solar panels. So far, I’ve had it for 4 months and my meter goes backwards. I had 17 panels put on the house; the panels have a 25-year guarantee. I’m extremely pleased with my return, it’s better than a 15 percent return as an investment. Everything is hooked up to the computer; you can go online to see what each individual panel is producing. If I produce more than I use they’ll give me a credit.” 

“I have nothing but positive things to say about the company after dealing with them. Icon is the only one I would want to do business with. This is an outstanding company.” 

“It went very well as it was a big job. They finished in two days. The installation of the panels took one day and the electrical set up took about one day well. It was very professionally done.” 

“A professional crew that performed well with the installation.” 

We pride ourselves on the satisfaction and savings we deliver to our customers, and the benefits solar delivers both to wallets and the planet. We encourage you to read more Icon Solar reviews on Angie’s List and watch our customer feedback videos. If you’ve worked with us before, leave us a review on Google—we’d love to hear your input!