You’ve been saving for your kids’ college since before they were born. But, the price of a college education is skyrocketing so your well-intentioned savings may not be enough to cut it. While your child may be incredibly smart, scholarships and financial aid are hard to earn today. If you’re looking for an extra boost to help you sock away a little more (aren’t we all?), then look no further.

Electricity costs are rising as fast college tuition rates. Every month you are paying $200-$300 to power your home. We aren’t advising that you let the lights go out and let your kids study for their SAT by candlelight.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could store that money monthly in a 529 for your child? That way, if your child does receive a scholarship, you can be proud of them and not worry about that saved money not be accessible.

When switching to solar power, you can choose if you would rather save a couple hundred dollars monthly or even become completely energy independent—depending on how much you want to plan to save for your kids’ future. (Or hey, if saving for college isn’t one of your financial needs, maybe you’d rather put an addition on the house or globetrot instead. Solar can help you do that too.)

Sure, college loans are an option, but students can find themselves crippled by tens of thousands of dollars in debt when they graduate. Plus, your child could be forced to shoulder more than the original cost of college due to super high interest rates. By installing solar power when your kids are young, you are using affordable financing options. Your house will churn out the money you need and help stave off debt from post-college years.

Show your children the importance of financially-wise decisions by planning ahead and considering your options.