By harnessing solar power, you will tap into a much more efficient, and completely pure, energy source.

Currently, utility companies produce over 70% of their electricity by burning fossil fuels, which accounts for over 1/3 of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

By harnessing solar power, you will tap into a much more efficient, and completely pure, energy source. When you choose to use solar energy, you’re contributing directly to cleaner water and air. And because the panels can last 25 years or more, your eco-friendly efforts will benefit your community for decades to come.

Icon Solar is a Turnkey Solution

Icon Solar makes switching to solar power a simple worry-free process. We offer a complete turnkey solution to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience. Our team expertly handles all of the details, including:

  • Design and planning
  • Professional installation
  • Utility connection for grid-tied systems
  • Paperwork for permits, grants, and rebates

With our proven track record and hands-on experience, you can trust your solar energy system to us. You’ll reap the benefits of solar power while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from working with a trusted partner.

Grid Tied Solar System

What is a Grid Tied Solar Power System?

The most common type of solar energy system, a grid tied system produces the fastest return on investment. The system connects to your local electric utility grid through the service panel in your home or business. This method of connection is popular because it offers the dual advantages of providing free solar energy while enabling you to maintain the same consistency in power you now receive from your local utility.

How it Works

The power produced by a grid-tied solar energy system fluctuates depending on the weather. If the power is depleted at night or in cloudy conditions, you’ll receive traditional electricity through your local power company. Conversely, when the sun is at its brightest, the solar power can feed all of your circuits with some still left over. 

Why Choose A Grid Tied System

There a couple of benefits of choosing a grid-tied solar power system versus traditional power or an off-grid system. 

With a grid-tied system, the excess energy produced during daylight is returned to the grid and you get a “credit” for that electricity. This is called “net metering”. This surplus power will go out of your house through your meter, actually making your meter spin backwards.

With a grid-tied solar system, you never have to worry about reliability being an issue. Since the grid acts as a backup,  you’ll always be connected to power. It gives you the best of both worlds. 

Grid tied solar power systems are more affordable since they require little to no maintenance and no additional costs for batteries and storage. Additionally, Federal and state governments, along with many local utility companies offer tax credits, low-interest loans and other incentives for installing solar power. 

One thing that won’t change is if there is a blackout, the PV system shuts down and no solar power will be produced until your local power company restores power to the grid.  This is required by law to prevent the flow of power that could endanger utility workers. When the blackout ends and power is available from the grid, your solar system will sense this and start working again.

Grid Tied Solar with Battery

Another option is to get a grid tied solar system that has a back-up battery. This system works exactly like a grid-tied system, but in the event of a power outage, the back-up battery will provide dedicated power for your home.

Why Choose Grid Tied Solar With Battery Backup?

Home batteries allow you to get the most out of your solar panels. Batteries store up any extra energy generated by your solar panels so you can use your solar energy around the clock. Home batteries require little-to-no maintenance and hook up to your solar panels and utility grid to store and serve you power.

Icon Solar is an authorized reseller and certified installer of the Tesla Powerwall and the Enphase Ensemble.  The lithium-ion battery provides power to your home safely and automatically, enabling you to use your solar power when it’s convenient for you even at night.

Off Grid Solar Power

An off grid solar power system does not connect to a local utility. It allows you to live independent of any power company and be 100% energy self-sustaining.  Representing the largest investment of any solar solution, an off-grid system is best-suited for places that have limited or no access to utility power and low daily electrical usage.

How Does an Off Grid System Work?

In an off grid solar system, solar panels are connected to a charge controller that uses power produced by solar panels to charge a bank of batteries, electrically storing the solar power for later use. The stored power travels from your batteries through an inverter which converts the DC battery power to readily usable AC power. By storing the electricity in solar batteries, it allows you to keep power running on days when there is minimal sun exposure or during cloudy, winter days. An off grid solar power system also protects you from utility tied power outages and blackouts whereas a grid tied system doesn’t. Since you are independent of any utility lines, your power will still stay on. 

What Type of Home is Best Suited for Off Grid?

Off-grid solar may be a practical option for those in remote locations, cabins, or vacation homes. While this alternative lacks the peace of mind provided by the local utility, it does maximize energy independence and provides the environmental benefits of harnessing solar energy. 

Ready to Talk about solar power?

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