There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint by going green around the house. Solar is just one of them. So what are some simple things that can save you money while saving the environment?

Simple_Ways_To_Go_Green-01Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle. It’s a pretty simple rule, but sometimes it takes us out of our old habits. And habits are often hard to break. Try to reuse materials and limit plastic use as much as possible. Bring reusable cloth totes or bags made of recycled material when you shop. Invest in a battery charger and purchase rechargeable batteries instead of throwaways. Keep in mind that batteries can be recycled; just make sure to know how with your local recycling center. Keep recycling bins in convenient places so that it’s easier to recycle, making it top-of-mind.

You can reuse food, too! Composting is a rewarding process that makes your soil richer, reducing methane production in landfills and need for chemical-induced fertilizer and pesticides. For more on composting, check out Green America. You can also use your former foodstuff for your flowers. Plants—especially acid-loving plants like hydrangeas, azaleas, and roses—love used coffee grounds. Plants also love eggshells for their calcium and keeping away pests that don’t like the jagged edges.

Alternative Lifestyle

Some aspects of our lives have become so commonplace that we don’t realize we’re in the habit of not being eco-friendly. Dryer sheets and cleaning products, like Mrs. Myer’s, have green alternatives that are effective. Ditch the paper napkins and save some trees with cloth napkins. Bring your own mug and silverware to work, instead of using Styrofoam, plastic, or paper products. We’ve all seen the images of turtles with straws effected by them. Next time you order a drink, ask for no straw. Cut up plastic rings when you get them or see them. Try meatless Mondays with some tasty vegetarian options. Our meat industry takes a lot of resources and releases excess carbon dioxide and methane gasses. It’s the little changes that lead to big differences.

Clear the Air

Give love to your landscaping and indoor spaces. While plants help purify your indoor air and reduce your stress, outdoor plants can have many benefits for greening your house. You can plant shrubbery or short trees in your south and west side landscaping (don’t block those solar panels!). You can also plant around your air conditioner unit. These planting methods help you save energy on heating and cooling with a layer of insulation that keeps the extreme weather from making your energy work overtime. Opening your windows for cooling air also helps in that regard.

Solar is the greenest energy out there, and, like the above methods, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint with it. Green your home today with Icon Solar.