Dear Wanda,
I’m ready to make some big home improvements, but I’m not sure what’s the best use of my money. A finished basement? A new kitchen? Or are solar panels a wise investment?
Intrigued Homeowner

Dear Intrigued Homeowner,

First off, kudos to you for giving some good research and thought on how to use your hard-earned money. Home improvements are exciting (take it from someone who watches a lot of HGTV), and it’s tempting to spend your money on new, shiny things like a new kitchen or basement. But how much return on investment do you get from home renovations? While those improvements will certainly increase the value of your home, they won’t make you any money. What will? Solar panels, of course!

Solar power is the home improvement investment that will pay for itself (sorry, granite countertops!) and adds tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your home. Unlike other improvements that age and lose value, solar panels work to save you money and add value to your home over time, with an ROI of well over 100 percent. The new hardwood floors might be pretty, but they’ll only get you 50-60 percent ROI and then only when you sell your home, and as your Wealth Warrior, you probably know which of those investments I would recommend.

I get where you’re coming from; home improvement is all about making your home look spiffy, and solar panels can have a reputation for being an eyesore. Luckily for you, Icon Solar specializes in attractive solar panels that are matte, solid black and blend in with your roof.

Need more reasons to invest your money into the power of solar? Talk to the team of experts at Icon Solar. They’ll walk you through the whole process from start to finish and get you on track to add value to your home and save thousands.

Happy home improving!
Wanda, Your Wealth Warrior