Icon Solar customer Daryl was interviewed for an article in the most recent issue of Natural Living Journal, Vol. 4.3. You can find it in the Louisville area’s health food stores like Whole Foods and Rainbow Blossom, or you can download it at their website.

“I have secured an arrangement with a large reputable installer [Icon Solar] who offers financing with No Down Payment, low interest, and they’ll set your monthly payments at whatever you’re currently paying your utility company, so your budget is not affected. If your average electricity bill is $100 a month, for example, they will set your payments at $100 a month, and in 8 – 12 years your system will be paid off. Then your electricity is free. My own solar panels are black and made in America with a 25-year guaranteed, but they are expected to last 50 to 60 years. You can stay on the grid for about $12 a month and take advantage of the “Net Metering” system or purchase you own battery for energy storage and go off the grid.”