“What if I move?” “I don’t think I’ll stay in this home long enough to get solar panels.” “If I’m planning on moving, why would I get solar panels?” “If I don’t live here long enough to pay off the investment, I can’t get solar panels.” These are questions and comments we’ve heard from some of our customers when they’ve begun to think about investing in solar panels for their home. Whether you live in your house your whole life, or you move in 5, 10, 15 years, going solar is a wise investment (that will pay off!).

WandaSidebar1.Solar panels increase the value of your home.
It’s that simple. An investment in solar panels isn’t only a way to save you money on your electric bill. Similar to finishing a basement, landscaping your yard or repaving your driveway, installing solar panels makes your home more desirable (and its energy source much more sustainable, we might add). For every $1 in electric bill savings, value increases by $20, adding tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your home.

2. Better (or equal) ROI to renovations.
Typically, when you think about increasing your home value, you think renovations like a bathroom remodel, deck addition or finished basement, or maybe more small scale like gardening or replacing a front door. Either way, one of your intentions is to increase your home value (with that ROI in mind). Where a renovated kitchen or bathroom can give you a 50-60 percent ROI, solar panels can give you upwards of 100 percent.

3. Less time on the market.
So maybe you purchase and install solar panels and then think about moving. Solar panels are an increasingly dominant residential trend, so having them on your home makes it stand out. Things like a big yard, renovated kitchen and solar panels will lead to a quicker home sale, less stress of staging and having that “always-ready-for-visitors” home. Don’t forget, solar increased your home value, so you’re walking away from that sale with more money, too.

4. Differentiates you from comparable homes.
If you’re in a neighborhood full of beautiful 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom homes with renovated kitchens and big back yards, solar panels could be your deal maker. Solar panels offer a new homeowner clean energy and a low electric bill. Plus, they’re already installed and turnkey-ready (so make sure they thank you). In what can sometimes be a volatile market, solar panels might as well be a real estate sign that says, “Pick me! I’ll save you money!”

5. Buyers want a home with a tiny electric bill.
Don’t you? If you invest in solar panels, you’ll save money on your electric bill while you live in your home. Then, if you move or decide to sell your home, the buyer inherits that itsy bitsy electric bill (as if already installed solar panels weren’t enough!).

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