You’ve read all about how solar panels generate clean energy and, just as importantly, save you massive amounts of money. But, have you read about home batteries? Home batteries are charged by the energy your solar panels generate to power your home. Think of a home battery like a regular battery, except that instead of powering your TV remote, it powers your house (so it’s just a little bit – okay a lot – bigger).

You don’t have to have a home battery to get solar panels, but having both significantly increases your energy independence. Home batteries are a sound investment if you already have solar panels or if you are thinking about going solar. Here are the five things you need to know about home batteries

WandaSidebar1. They store your solar power.
As your solar panels generate electricity, home batteries charge and subsequently store your energy. As you use your electricity, an inverter connected to your home battery transforms the current into usable energy. The inverter then sends this energy through your electrical panel and into your home. You can also set up a backup panel for powering critical loads depending on your energy needs. Check out this detailed look at how home batteries work.

2. They serve as a backup electricity supply.
Home battery kilowatt hour storage space varies, but typically can power your home in the evening and through the night from the energy generated by your solar panels throughout the day. If you have a home battery, you can pull stored energy from it during a utility outage. Imagine that, no more missing an episode of the Walking Dead; scrambling to find ice and a cooler to keep food from spoiling; trying to heat leftover pizza with a match instead of a microwave; doing your work by candlelight… well, you get the point.

3. They can increase your energy independence.
By storing the energy you create with solar, you increase your independence from the utility company. Solar panels only generate energy during the day. Home batteries store excess, unused energy generated from your solar panels to then send power to your home around the clock. If your solar panels generate and home battery stores the same amount of energy you consume, you’ve become independent from the utility grid.

4. They can save you money!
With that newfound independence comes some serious savings. Essentially, you can go net zero. If you’re only using the energy you’ve generated and stored, you’re not pulling any electric from the utility grid. Do you know what that means? A zip, zilch, zero-dollar electric bill.

5. They are the best energy storage option.
The Tesla Powerwall Home Battery is the most advanced energy storage option available today. It works seamlessly with solar panels and requires no maintenance. Upfront, traditional generators may be less expensive, but home batteries diminish the need for ongoing maintenance and fuel costs a generator would need. Plus, they are much more environmentally friendly, and much quieter!

So, now what? Now, you call Icon Solar. There are various kinds of home batteries in the market, but we recommend the best. Icon Solar is an authorized reseller and certified installer of the Tesla Powerwall.  So if you’re ready for energy independence, give us a call!

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