Dear Wanda,
I’ve lived in Cincinnati for a long time. On a recent trip to California, I saw tons of solar panels. Is that because they’re all a bunch of new-age folks out there? What’s the deal with solar panels? Can they even be used in the Tristate?
California Traveler

Dear California Traveler,
Hope you had a great time! Oh, the sight of so many solar panels makes my heart skip a beat. California has often led the country with pollution-beating alternative energies, and sometimes that leaves the rest of us wondering why.

In the case of solar panels, Californians are making really smart decisions about how to spend their money (and trust me, I know a good money-saving decision when I see one). Solar panels are incredibly environmentally conscious, but also can save you thousands of dollars a year on your electric bill. Yes, you read that right.

Plus, solar panels can increase the value of your home and there are multiple tax credits, local incentives and utility grants that can put money right back into your wallet (where it belongs!). Did you know one of these is a 30 percent federal tax credit you can claim on your taxes and receive in addition to any refund you’re owed?

This money-saving investment is 100 percent viable in the Tristate. The availability, investment and capacity just keeps on going up! Over the next five years, Ohio alone is expected to install hundreds of kilowatts (kw) of solar power, which is more than six times the amount installed in the past five years.

Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana average between 4.2 and 4.7 peak hours of sun per day on an annual basis. Compare that to Florida, you know, the Sunshine State, that averages at 5 peak hours and California which ranges from 5 to 5.7 hours a day. So, what does that mean for solar in the Tristate? It means it works!

If you’re looking to my superior wealth wisdom, I’ll tell you your next step is to call the best in the solar business: Icon Solar. They’ll help get you started on your solar journey and handle every detail along the way, from permit and financing, to installation and grid hook-up.

As your Wealth Warrior, I must say this investment will set you up for more trips to California, and then some. Heck, you can even travel to Hawaii, then Australia, then Europe.

Happy saving (and traveling)!
– Wanda, Your Wealth Warrior