Dear Wanda



Dear Wanda: I’ve heard solar panels can save me money and even help the environment. But are they good for anything else?  

Loads! What do you want them to be? Take your pick: roof protection, environmental conservation, insulation, independence? 

Who wants to spend money on roofing? BOR-ING! Take it from me, solar panels are a lot more fun and responsible—who knew you could have it both ways?! Solar panels are the equivalent of adding another layer of shingles to your roof. If your shingles are exposed to the elements, they are a lot less likely to last. Panels not only protect your roof from the beating sun (which it converts to cold, hard cash) it also can protect your shingles from being swept away by a raging storm.  

On top of that, panels produce zero greenhouse gases. So, you can sleep soundly while effortlessly saving the planet. Speaking of sleeping soundly, did you know solar panels help insulate your house? No more sleepless, uncomfortable summer nights being suffocated by the heat. 

Take charge of your energy (I sound like a yogi)! Energy independence can be one of the most gratifying rewards of solar power. The U.S. is dependent on imports for its energy, but you don’t have to be! Saving the best for last, you can have all this with nearly no effort on your part. Give Icon Solar a call and let them handle all the hard parts while you kick back and relish all the benefits.  

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