Doing something different can be nerve-wracking. In fact, only about 2.5 percent of the population are made up of “Innovators.” Innovators, the title bestowed upon the sect of the population most willing to adapt technology, aren’t hard to identify. Their natural habitat is camping outside Apple waiting itching to get their hands on the latest iPhone release. Innovators and Early Adopters – the brave group following the innovators who compose 13.5 percent of the public – are risk-takers, but they usually stand to reap most of the rewards. Solar panels aren’t brand new technology, but you may still be concerned about being the first of your family and friends to test the benefits.

Over the course of our years as a company, we’ve heard many fears surrounding solar panels. To name a few: 

  • The fear of losing money 

Without your friends or neighbors to pave the way, you may be unsure if the savings really are as much as a company claims. We can break down for you just how much you can predict to benefit on your energy billhome value, and resale value. Don’t just take it from us, we have a community of pleased customers who share their bills as proof and can tell you about their experience.  

  • The fear no one else will like it 

We know “the Joneses” can be tough to keep up with. According to Investopedia, you should stop competing with families who flaunt their wealth because they’re barely getting by! With solar panels, not only do you have the cutting-edge, eco-friendly technology—you are saving money! It’s only a matter of time after you install that everyone notices your financially-savvy decision.  

  • The fear that your HOA won’t approve of solar panels 

What could be worse than investing in solar panels only to have your HOA halt the fun before it even starts. No need to worry, in nearly half of the states there are laws protecting solar panels called “solar access rights.” HOAs fear that panels could lower the worth of homes without understanding that they raise home value. We do all of the legwork to get necessary local permits before installation even starts. 

  • The fear it will look ugly  

When people imagine solar panels, they tend to have flashbacks of the blue and silver monstrosities of the 80s and 90s. But think about all the other styles of that era we also cringe over(neon sweaters with shoulder pads, we’re looking at you). Thankfully, that style has phased out. Icon Solar installs modern and sleek black-on-black panels that will enhance your home. 

We hear many more concerns, like, “Will I receive the full benefits if I move?,” “This sounds too good to be true,” or “I’d like to ask someone about their solar panels, but I don’t know anyone who has them.” We’re happy to talk about any individual concerns you may have. We work to educate our customers so that they are comfortable every step of the way and overcome their concerns.