Solar panels thrive in the sunlight, so this begs the questions: How do solar panels perform in colder months? Thankfully, solar panels only require sunlight, not heat. This means that solar panels are absolutely capable of powering your home during the winter. In fact, some solar panel users have reported higher solar panel output when there is snow since it can act as a reflective blanket for sunlight. 

Another question people interested in solar power frequently may is if solar panels can be harmed by snow. The answer is no! Solar panels are designed to be able to bear more than the weight of a typical snowfall, so your precious panels should be safe. With the pitch of the solar array, rain and wind should take care of the cleaning itself. Heavy snowfall should collapse and fall.

However, if snow interferes for over a week in blocking sunlight, it is important to dust off snow or leaves from your panels. We don’t recommend that you try for your own safety. There are several rakes made in various lengths depending on your home height that are designed specifically to clean off your panels— even simple rake can do the trick!  

For extended periods of time without sunlight, the Tesla Powerwall 2 may be your secret weapon. Although your panels should function well in these months by themselves, the Powerwall 2 can store the extra sunlight on sunnier days so that you’re fully fueled for cloudy weather.