We may not know all the services our government provides for us (The United States Board on Geographic Names – who knew?!), but one thing that you’ll notice with a sharp eye is that a lot of our government buildings are run on solar power. This is especially interesting because government often sets the tone for the future. Our government’s interest in solar energy displays the value of this energy source and saves citizens money.

Buildings from the local level all the way up to the White House carry solar panels. From sea to shining sea, panels are soaking up renewable energy. Las Vegas’s city government is now entirely powered by renewable energy and many cities are soon to follow. For instance, 900 Chicago buildings are set to switch their electricity to be 100 percent renewable by 2025.

Indianapolis also invested in solar, installing arrays on municipal buildings throughout the city. However, they are leasing them to Indianapolis Power & Light Co. For their lease revenue, they invest in the city’s sustainability programs.

Locally, we celebrated Cincinnati’s plan to incorporate solar power. Last year, Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley announced his agreement to power the Queen City’s municipal buildings with 100 percent renewable energy through at least the year 2021. This deal will save the city over $100,000 per year and is an investment in our community and the environment. In an effort to have Cincinnati 100 percent solar powered by 2035, Cranley also agreed to add on 25 MW of solar panels throughout the city. Installation of these panels will begin in 2019.

Icon Solar has installed solar systems for the City of Springboro’s public parks. The public can also access the monitoring system to see how much the solar arrays are producing, a valuable tool for classrooms and your own personal research on the decision to purchase solar. The city is delighted with their return on investment of 5.2 years with a 25-year warranty.

Solar energy also creates hundreds of jobs per city in construction and more! Most importantly, it shows our country’s commitment to cleaner energy for a cleaner future.

Solar isn’t only for the White House, but your house as well! Call 513-396-7777 to start your solar journey with Icon Solar today.