Orcutt Financial partners with Icon Solar Power to go green

By Kellie Geist-May

MIAMI TWP. Although it’s not something you can see driving by, Orcutt & Company has made some serious upgrades. The Miami Township accounting company partnered with Icon Solar Power, also of Miami Township, to install 91 solar panels on the roof.

We were working with Icon about a year and a half ago as they were trying to understand the tax ramifications of buying solar equipment. As I started looking into it, I started to realize the benefits,” said Greg Orcutt, owner of Orcutt Financial. “We now have 91 panels on the roof and the projection is that it will provide about 60 percent of our electric on average.

“Of course we’ll do better on sunny days than on cloudy days,” he said.
Orcutt Financial, 936 Ohio 28, was able to take advantage of grants and tax credits to help fund the upgrade.

“We are just looking forward to saving money on our electric for the next 25 years,” Orcutt said.

Icon Solar Power, 50 West Technecenter Drive, started providing green energy solutions through solar power about two years ago. He said technology has come a long way since solar first hit the market.

“We install solar electric on homes and business – mainly in the Tristate – but we’ve traveled, too. People should know that the solar technology that’s out right now is much more aesthetically pleasing than it use to be. They’re not the blue or purple panels people are used to. They’re smaller and the ones we put on homes are black,” said Zach Wieber Icon operations manager.

Although solar power can be expensive, it’s not out of reach for the average home or business owner. Icon offers zero-percent financing and the return on investment is typically six to seven years, Wieber said.

“Green energy can be a big nut to crack if you have to write a check for it, but with our financing, you can apply your savings to the cost and pay it off quickly,” he said. “It really does become affordable, especially if you consider that you’re fixing the costs on the portion of the bill.”

All of Icon’s equipment is American made, Wieber said.

Orcutt is happy with the investment they’ve made and with Icon’s work.

“Icon did a great job with the installation. It’s only been two weeks, and it’s been sunny, but I’m looking at the graph of what we’ve created and it’s doing really well,” he said.

For more about Icon Solar Power, visit www.iconsolar.com. For more about Orcutt & Company, visit www.orcuttfinancial.com.