Whether you’re thinking about getting solar panels or already have a home solar system, you want to get the most out of your clean-energy-producing panels. The best way to do that? Install a home battery. Home batteries amp up your solar benefits and savings. Here’s how.

1) Home batteries store your solar energy.
Similar to regular AA batteries, home batteries contain lithium-ion battery cells that hold a specific ratio of materials that can hold, store and power electric current. But, unlike the AA battery powering your TV remote, a home battery can power major appliances, electronic devices and other critical items in your home (just a bit more powerful, right?).

Oftentimes, you won’t use all the energy your solar panels generate during a 24-hour period. Also, solar panels don’t generate new energy at night. With a home battery that energy can be stored and used around the clock, whenever you need it, day or night.

2) Home batteries increase your energy independence.
By storing the energy your home solar system produces, you become less dependent on the utility grid. Plus, you avoid relying on the utility company and its ever-increasing utility rates. If your solar system overproduces, that energy is stored for later use. So, instead of pulling energy from the utility grid, you’re pulling clean, solar produced energy from your home battery.

The sun offers free and abundant power, so why not take advantage of that and get the most out of your home solar system? (We can’t think of any good reasons not to, either!).

3) Home batteries serve as backup power.
If you have energy stored – independent of the utility grid – power outages don’t mean a thing! Your home battery will protect your home as a backup power generator, just a much cleaner, quieter, no-maintenance, long-lasting one. Plus, with a seamless hook-up to the grid and to your circuit breaker, using power from your home battery requires no action on your part. It just happens.WandaSidebarTemplate

4) Home batteries create a sustainable energy future.
By generating, storing and using your own clean solar energy, we’ve determined you can rely less on the utility grid. But, this also means you’re relying less on fossil fuels which significantly reduces your carbon footprint.

So, when it all comes down to it, combining your home solar system with a home battery will make you a sustainable, clean-energy producing machine, with massive savings, too!

Icon Solar is a certified installer of Tesla Powerwall, a premier home battery that is a step toward your complete home energy solution. Give us a call today to learn more about your energy independence and solar savings!

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