Perfect Solar Gifts for this Holiday Season

So you didn’t get all your holiday shopping done on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday (or whatever else is out there for the other days). That’s fine. We’ve got you covered with some solar ideas for everyone. And maybe there’s a little something for yourself!

The Icon Solar Promise

When you’re looking into getting quotes from solar companies, they’re all going to operate just a little differently. Icon Solar? We’re very different.

Like Lighthouses: Companies Going Solar

Many companies have been in the news lately for their dedication to adopting sustainable practices. Much like microbreweries, large national and international companies are investing in their own future—and our own future—by installing solar systems. Like lighthouses, they’re beacons lighting the way into a cleaner, brighter future.

Solar Innovation: On the Road Again

Drew Boyd & Jacob Goldenberg recognized a pattern in innovation to create a systematic approach: Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Task Unification and Attribute Dependency. They call it the Systematic Inventive Thinking, or SIT. We’re doing a series of how solar technologies approach innovation. Let’s take a look at how some of these innovation approaches (Task Unification …

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Solar ‘n’ Suds: Using the Sun to Power Craft Breweries

Micro, nano, and craft breweries are on the rise, and that’s important for a variety of reasons like revitalizing local economies. However, one of the most important elements they bring is their sustainable operations. Brewing takes a lot of water and energy, and they recognize that their businesses depend on access to good resources. The …

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Helping Non-Profits Go Solar

The 30 percent solar tax credit does not apply to non-profits, and most grants for non-profits to purchase solar are no longer operating. However, a few remain at the federal, state, and city levels. Some are even offered by your utility company. Here are a few grants for non-profits still in operation.

How do I know if my house is right for solar?

Dear Wanda, How do I know my house is right for solar? Sincerely, Mr. Unsure Dear Mr. Unsure, Though Icon Solar briefly discusses the matter of whether your house can be solarized on the website, I, Wanda your Wealth Warrior, wanted to clarify a few things including sun exposure and restrictions.